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You can leave DJ Mixer Professional to automix your music, mix karaoke tracks, set cue points and define your own keyboard shortcuts.

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DJ Mixer Professional is surprisingly accessible for beginners to DJing but with enough advanced and professional features to grow into. The best DJ mixing software simplifies your workflow so that laying down tracks is a smooth as possible from idea to laptop.

In addition to this, there are some other important things to consider before choosing which DJ software is right for you. All the DJ software for Mac reviewed here offer free trials so you can also try before you buy. Many such as Cross offer a basic free version and a more advanced Pro version that you can upgrade to a later stage.

This is a great way to learn the ropes for free before having to pay any cash for more advanced features to take your DJing to the next level. Another important thing to consider is whether you want to use external DJ controllers with the software.

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This is particularly important if you want to do scratching. Some people still prefer an analog setup with hardware such as drum machines, decks, synthesizers, MIDI devices and VST instruments connected to their software although many DJs now prefer to do everything virtually on their Mac.

Almost all decent DJ software nowadays supports external devices such as controllers and instruments but some support more than others. Whatever external devices you plan to use, make sure the DJ software you choose supports it first. Whichever remixing software for Mac you choose, there are some essential features that you should look for.

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Almost all Pro DJ and even many beginner DJ software for Mac includes these features but here are some essential ones to look out for. Spotify, iTunes and to a lesser extent, SoundCloud dominate the digital music industry although DJ software has been slow at catching up with Spotify and SoundCloud.

Almost all the software featured here supports iTunes but only djay Pro supports Spotify. The best DJ software for both Spotify and iTunes integration is undoubtedly djay by Algoriddm see full review below which even automatically searches your music collection to match songs for mixing. Nowadays most DJ software on Mac can import almost all major audio and in some cases, video formats including mp3, aac, m4a, wma, wav, flac, ogg, aiff and video avi, mpeg, mp4, mov, m4v, flv, mkv, wmv.

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If you want to record or export your mixes, most also allow you to save mixes to mp3, wav, aiff or save the mix in CD-quality audio. Finally, music applications such as DJing software are often the slowest to be updated to be compatible with the latest versions of macOS due to their complexity. Some took several months for example to be compatible with macOS Or at least, make sure you always wait a few weeks or months before updating the new versions of macOS to reduce the chance of problems with DJ software on Mac.

source site However, even if the DJing software you use is updated regularly, if you use a DJ controller that requires drivers, they may not be updated as frequently by the manufacturer. Music creation software — also known as Digital Audio Workstations DAW — is aimed at composers and musicians to create tracks with.

DJ software is focused on mixing and remixing tracks — not creating music from scratch like a Digital Audio Workstation. It can sometimes be hard to distinguish between the two and there are certainly some apps such as Ableton Live that are suitable for both DJing and music creation. Although Mac users are well catered for when it comes to DJ apps, there is some DJ software that is still Windows only and not available for Mac.

We hope this guide has helped you start mixing the wheels of steel on your Mac but if you have any questions, problems, experiences or suggestions let us know in the comments below.

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This is set up for you take your hand at hacking up tunes using drum pads or the arsenal of FX tools that sound great and are made just for the iPhone. The coolest feature, though, is the access you have to Loopmasters sample packs, as well as a library of Ninja Tune releases, so you can even get your remix on with your phone. Beatwave is set up similar to a Launchpad with a grid of squares that responds to notes on the vertical axis and where they fall in time on the horizontal.

You can layer up to four sounds at once, and you have control over effects and mixing from a drop-down menu for each track.

Mix & Remix your Music

Beatwave lets you create full songs within the app, and you can even use Audiobus , another mobile app, to use your Beatwave sounds within another app. Out of all these apps, Musyc takes the most interesting approach to the creative process. While using it to make anything outside of the experimental and weird would take some serious practice, Musyc definitely will keep you occupied for a while. In terms of ease of use in a DJ app, this one has it in spades. A simple set up of two turntables, a pitch control, and a crossfader are all you see upon launch.

You also have access to a set of sample pads available only in the pro version. It of course has built-in sync function and the ability to record your mixes. Animoog from Moog Music is one of the coolest apps available for iOS. Since it was designed as a professional app, you can dive pretty deep into this one. It also means some of the parameters may be a little difficult to understand for the average user. Beatwave Price: Free More info: Beatwave Where to buy: iTunes Beatwave is set up similar to a Launchpad with a grid of squares that responds to notes on the vertical axis and where they fall in time on the horizontal.

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